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Bastion City Wanderers
5821 Hammond Bay Road,
Nanaimo, BC V9T 5N3

Application for Membership Form


                                          BASTION CITY WANDERERS
                                          Membership Application Form

Date:________________                                                                rev. Nov 2014

I wish to apply for membership in the Bastion City Wanderers Volkssport Club

Cash or cheque (Please make cheques payable to The Bastion City Wanderers)

Annual Membership (Jan to Dec) ( ) $10.00

Mid-Year Membership (Jul to Dec) ( ) $ 5.00

APPLICANT NAME:_______________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________

CITY & PROV: __________________________ POSTAL CODE:_____________

PHONE #: ___________________ EMAIL:_______________________________

MEMBERSHIP FEE PAID: $_________ COLLECTED BY: ___________________

I would like to buy a WALK PASS (no pro-rated) $15.00 YES NO (please circle)

Members with a walk pass are entitled to do “unlimited” walks, within our club, during the year without further charges. Members without a walk pass will have to pay $1.00 per walk.

Do you want the members’ circulation list to contain your contact information?

Phone #: Yes / No                                Email: Yes / No

Either hand in your completed form with payment to our Membership Coordinator or mail with your cheque to:
Bastion City Wanderers c/o 5821 Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo, BC V9T 5N3